Hello Webkinz Fans! It has been an interesting week in the Webkinz world as the Webkinz players saw the floating Smurfs and Smurfs Movie advertisements that appeared in the Webkinz World on Wednesday June 27. The most exiting part about the appearing of the Smurfs is that players have discovered a secret within the Smurfs. Whenever a player clicks on a Smurf, they get a reward of an Enchanted Berry. The intriguing thing is that three days later, the players have not figured out about the advertisements.
Ganz has released the following pictures earlier in the week as teaser images to let the esteemed fans know that there is an expected event on July 20. This event is rumoredto have the Webkinz World exiting launch of something about the Smurfs. Do not miss the launch as we have a feeling that all our questions about the Smurfs will have answers.

In the mean time, the text that appears in the ad seems to let the players be aware that they can click on it and become contestants at special Smurf games. These are interesting with a wide array of prizes to be won after the game. The sad thing though is that the link is broken hence the players who click on it get a message that the website s unavailable. However, players should not worry. The process of fixing it is underway and we will let you know when the link is good to go. We are sourcing for a report and we will bring the news of the progress to you right here.
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