The legendary Webkinz Unicorn has lived beyond the mountains for centuries. Once believed to only be a myth, the Unicorn has shown itself for the first time in the Webkinz World. Galloping majestically, its hooves and horn shimmer in the sunlight. A one of a kind creature that only shows itself briefly before retreating back beyond the mountains.

A beautiful Unicorn needs a, just as, beautiful place to rests its weary horn. Do not let your Webkinz Unicorn rest in just any meadow, it needs to lay on the Magical Meadow Bed. Being magical is very tiring, so be sure to rest your virtual pet Unicorn on its special item.

Just because they are magical doesn’t mean they don’t eat. Webkinz Unicorns need special food. Nourish yours with the Sparkling Flower Fondue, a meal fit for a Unicorn.

The Webkinz Unicorn is now officially retired, and the only place to get one for yourself is through the Webkinz Toy Store. A Webkinz Unicorn needs a very special home and you are the perfect match for it. Get yours today.

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