Winterfest is an annual winter celebration in Webkinz World. It will be running from today, January 23, through January 29, 2010. Here are all the events taking place during Winterfest 2010.

  • Snowflakes are randomly floating in Webkinz World. Click on one to catch it and receive one of three prizes.
  • All Quick Draw events are winter themed.
  • Special item sales in the Ganz eStore.

Webkinz eStore Winterfest Sale

  • Snowman Costume
  • Snowmobile
  • Build-A-Snow-Fort Collection
  • Changing Ice Sculpture
  • Garnet Rover
  • Griffin
  • Griffin House Tapestry
  • Stress Soaker Hot Tub
  • Spa Wallpaper
  • Relax and Recharge Lounger
  • Serenity Slumber Bed
  • Lollipop Seeds
  • Log Jammer Ride
  • Candy Leopard – Deluxe Advantage
  • Internal Reflections Bridge – Deluxe Advantage
  • Wellness Waterfall – Deluxe Advantage
  • Wellness Waterfall Divider – Deluxe Advantage
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