With maintenance complete in Webkinz World we now know what the new area is. It is called the KinzStyle Outlet and is run by the fashion guide PJ Collie. The new shop has clothing organized by category which makes for much easier shopping, and there are always specials going on. According to the announcement, a bunch of clothes have retired and will never make a return to the store.

Also added is the new clothing machine. It is basically like cooking, except it is for your clothes. If you put 3 clothing items together, and the recipe is correct, you will come out with a brand new piece of clothing. There are plenty of clothing recipes to discover.

Finally, two new room designs, Girls Rule! and Garden Yard, have been added to the Clubhouse. Head over there to check them out.

Be sure to check out the Webkinz Cloud Sheep that will be coming to the eStore too.

81 Responses to “Webkinz World Updated with KinzStyle Outlet, Clothing Machine, and New Room Designs”
  1. Alex says:

    How do you make the farie dress or the clown wig????????? I need to know

  2. Kayla says:

    when u trade these clothes in the trading room u can get some awesome stuff

  3. Demi says:

    hey how do you make the fairy dress, clown wig, and the sparkling tux and pants?

  4. j says:

    you can’t make a clown wig

  5. Beth says:

    to make the sparly tuxedo pants it is. . . . tan pants tuxedo shoes sparkley pink bow hope it helps :) a bit

  6. sally says:

    i know how to make the jacket. it is the green layered tee the purple layered tee and jeans

  7. woof says:

    i saw the clown costume at the KinzStyle Outlet at7 o”clock

  8. Kittykats says:

    Im sorry but the webkinz people said the fairy princess gown was going to be a W-cares item instead :(

  9. Savanah2o says:

    i know how to make the unsolved deckifed hat it’s… TO BE CONTINUED

  10. Savanah2o says:

    do you want to know or not

  11. aly says:

    How do you make the sparkle tuex shirt? I know the pants butt not the shirt<3

  12. Savanah2o says:

    i know that recipe

  13. dude2342 says:

    i know how to make a detective hat= red hat+blue hat+tan suit jacket

  14. savanna20 says:

    yaaa i dont

  15. saffy@o2.ie says:

    im on webkinz

  16. mags says:

    I HAVE the clown wig. you don’t make it. i wanna make a fairie dress… lol :D but whoever wants the clown wig can have, just message me on youtube @supermagz18

  17. Peace girl says:

    Guess what I looked on this webkinz website and they said that the mask might be realesed in the kinz outlite maybe and do you know the recipe for Fairy Princess ball gown or somthin like that?????:D

  18. johnathon says:

    I know the recipe for the fairy dress it is sparkly pink bow + smocked sundress + princess hat

  19. Korie says:

    You can’t make the fairy dress! You have to look a the idem on the table and see if it is there! Only somtimes does it apear! lol!

  20. Kitty says:

    johnathon is wrong. alot of people think that but its not true. the fairy dress is a webkinz cares prize. not a clothing machine recipe!!!!!!

  21. lexisexy says:

    how in the world do u get the clown wig

  22. shaina says:

    Hey all you guys who want the clown wig I have it you just go to the curio shop and look at go shopping he sometimes puts on rare items

  23. ok well,.......no. says:


  24. mickayla says:

    i saw two people wearing fairy princess ball gown and clown suit in the kinzville park

  25. anamanous(12) says:

    find these things at the style outlet. i have these clothes u r looking 4
    from the outlet

  26. Carly says:

    the blue fuzzy coat is : the thick nit sweater, the yoga pants, and the fuzzy slippers

  27. tori says:

    hey im not beggin here but could someone leave me a legit unused code i would be forever thankful!

  28. jace says:

    how do you make the blue robe?

  29. hoo says:

    You cant make a farie dress in the clothing machine but here is a list of recipes:
    Straberry hat= Green layered tee, red bow, and europiean flare shades.
    Star hat= puple mod hat, star fly pants, and wizard hat.
    Red trenchcoat= Cowboy hat, dark shades, and wing tip shoes.
    Cowgirl dress= Cowboy hat, cow poke top, and sundress
    Sparkle pants= Tan pants, sparkly pink bow, and tuxedo shoes
    Tiedye top= purple pajama top, blue and yellow fleece, and flower power swinmsuit top

  30. hoo says:

    also you can make sparkle shirt but i wont tell you the recipe!

  31. webkinzaddictionsupport says:

    umm. for one @tori thats unfair to whoever has to buy it, and this is pretty unorganized.. i’d ry a new layout

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