A few great updates just hit Webkinz World today. You can participate in a new activity, buy a new theme for your room, and play around in Webkinz World much smoother due to bug fixes. Check out all the info below.

Keeping the Park Clean

  • It turns out that the Kinzville Park is buried in trash because a lot of visitors continue to not clean up after themselves. Thankfully you care, so you will make the effort to keep it clean. Go around Kinzville Park and pick up the trash to raise your “Green Score”. The higher you rank the more prizes you will earn and can show off on your MyPage!

New Space Theme

  • Check out the Galaxy Collection! It’s the new space theme that your Webkinz pet can enjoy.

Some bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that made the Game of the Day not appear in the arcade.
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow members to buy the special sale item at the Kinzstyle Outlet.
2 Responses to “Webkinz World Updates – February 3rd, 2010”
  1. Melissa says:

    For the Webkinz Green Score,
    What prizes do you get?
    And how much of a score do you have to have in order to start getting prizes?

  2. sharon says:

    i really don’t know you will have to ask somebody else. Sorry if i was no help.

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