Hello to all Webkinz Tips fans out there! Two days ago, the promo for the Golden Deluxe Dragon began. Starting from April 4 to April 30, all Webkinz members who renew or started their one-year membership are eligible to get the exclusive, members-only Golden Deluxe Dragon.

Just yesterday, a lucky member got the very first Golden Deluxe Dragon! We from Webkinz-tips congratulate Jagular for being the first to obtain the cool members-only promo! Here’s a picture of Jagular’s newest pet Aurum beside the Golden Fictional Fireplace.

The Promo comes with the cool golden Fictional Fireplace and the cute Golden Deluxe Dragon! The promo also includes Golden Whimsical Wontons for the Dragon’s special food. This exclusive item can only be obtained this month only and cannot be bought any other way than renewing your one-year deluxe membership.

Well, what are you all waiting for, visit Ganz estore now and renew or sign up for Webkinz’s one-year deluxe membership to get your very own Golden Deluxe Dragon set!

This Webkinz Golden Deluxe Dragon update is brought to you by Webkinz Tips- your online hub for the latest about your favorite Webkinz Game.

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