395155_trying_to_win1A quick search online and you can have access to cheat codes for Webkinz World. If you enter these codes at the adoption center you can get large amounts of Kinz cash, free furniture and even free Webkinz.

There is a code (try it 115yuihd3) that you can try at the adoption center to get 100,000 cash. You may have to try it a few times for it to work. Once it works, don’t do it too often or you may draw attention to yourself and have your account deleted.

If you are interested in getting one of the more rare Webkinz like a sherbet bunny, love puppy or cheeky dog, there’s a code for that, too.

The most popular cheat code is probably the invisible Webkinz code. You need at least one lil’ kinz for it to work. Log onto your account and type in 117yur5hg as quick as you can, log off, wait two hours and if it crashes when you try to log back on it worked. Log on again and you will have invisible Webkinz, which eventually goes away, and all sorts of other goodies like new Webkinz, cash and various items.

Check back to the cheat code sites often as some codes quit working quickly. You can also try random codes at the adoption center and discover new cheats, but that can also draw attention to your account.

5 Responses to “Secret Recipes For Webkinz?”
  1. ShyannDavis says:

    I cant do it,it wont work

  2. kimmery says:

    i was not able to get 100,000 kinzcash.
    i think the problem is that there is to many numbers. i hope it gets fixed!

  3. holly says:

    i cant believe
    i could not do it

  4. allysa says:

    I am not even gonna try, I have quite a few webkinz and I don’t want to delete my account.

  5. harriet says:

    I am not going to delete my account either

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