Here is some information I found out on the Webkinz Series 3 Trading Cards.

Webkinz Trading Cards – Series 3 – “Join the search for the Magical Retriever! A magical new pet has arrived in Webkinz World, and it can only be found in Series 3 Trading Card Packs! Exciting new art, full card images and a sticker in every pack! Look for Plush Profilez foil cards and full photo sparkle stickers as well! It’s the best set yet!

Series 3 Trading Cards are taking on a whole new look with 3 colored designs of foil packaging! Each pack includes: 1 Sticker Card, 4 Trading Cards, and 1 Feature Code Card. There are puzzle pieces on the back of every sticker card, collect all 36 to make a poster!”

Disclaimer: this information on Webkinz Series 3 Trading Cards has not been confirmed yet. When it is confirmed I will be sure to let you all know.

3 Responses to “Webkinz Series 3 Trading Card Info”
  1. jim connell says:

    My grand son and granddaughter opened 20 packs each ofr the series 3 and only got a few posters and some cloths. We weren’t impressed.

  2. JANET says:

    I purchased entire box of 36 series 3 cards and was not impressed. I got 3 “coffee tables”, many posters, 2 identical “condo flooring” and some pathetic clothing, not only twice, but 3 times for a couple pieces. Not the least bit impressed and probably will not purchase another trading card. To expensive (over $70) for posters, pathetic clothing, 2 identical floors. Oh, yes, 1 “free” pet, which is hardly exclusive since it was the Himalayan Cat.

  3. tolkienmithril says:

    I bought the series three and have actually found the magical retriever as well as a number of the egyptian theme items and the like.

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