Here is a shocking surprise, Ganz releases Series 3 Trading Cards with a serious glitch.

The feature codes in packs of Series 3 Trading Cards are suffering from a severe duplication glitch. People who went out and bought the cards on the day of their release are finding that when they enter the feature codes they are receiving many duplicates of the same items. One Webkinz World member opened 36 packs and received 13 of the same Goldfish posters.

This glitch has been confirmed by Ganz so if you have opened Series 3 Trading Cards, DO NOT ENTER YOUR FEATURE CODES yet. Wait until Ganz confirms that the glitch has been fixed. They really need to work on their quality control. Unfortunately, in my opinion, they are letting greed take over so they are quickly releasing new products without testing them 100%. It makes me believe they do not care about satisfying their customers.

2 Responses to “Webkinz Series 3 Trading Cards Glitch”
  1. Katie says:

    hi i think they care i think it was just a mistake.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hello,I agree with Katie,I think they care about it, and they just made a mistake.

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