Hello Webkinz fans! Some time ago, Ganz announced that there will be new clothing items coming soon to Pj’s Kinzstyle outlet. Along with this announcement are a few sneak peeks to what awaits us. Seven items were revealed after the announcement with new skirts, pants tops for and girls, footwear and an updated version of the Webkinz Jersey Jacket! As what you can see on the picture above, that is sure a lot of clothing for a sneak peek! Given that much to look at, many would think that there will be a lot more coming!

And so, here it is! More sneak peeks for us! This time, they showcase more clothing items for boys compared to the sneak peek. There are a lot more footwear and accessories! With these much items shown already, I’m sure many of you are quaking already to get their hands on these cute clothing coming to Pj’s Kinzstyle Outlet! Have a nice day Webkinz fans!

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