Recently confirmed by Ganz: The Webkinz Lamb and Lil’ Kinz Lamb are officially coming to Webkinz World.

There is still confusion on whether the Webkinz Lamb will be a seasonal Easter release, or not, because it still has a release date of September 2008.

Also, it will be released alongside its Lil’ Kinz partner. That’s right, a Lil’ Kinz Lamb is coming to Webkinz World, too.

Here are the Webkinz Lamb pictures:

2 Responses to “New Webkinz Lamb Pictures”
  1. nikky says:

    yola folkz i have 22 bratz dollz and 19 webkinz and im 10 years old who LOVES webkinz and collect the webkinz golden retreivers and the Lambz like DAH!!! checkout my utube ( youtube ) account mileecyrus and nikkykinz BTW ihate webkinzluvs and ihatemileecyrus a dumb utube account


  2. Shakira says:

    hi what should i name my little kinz lamb?i was thinking sense its easter right now i would like something like Easter or April. any ideas?

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