The Webkinz Baby Penguin is a cute, new webkinz that will be coming out in December 2009. Check out the picture of the Baby Penguin below.

Webkinz Baby Penguin Picture

Webkinz Baby Penguin Picture

6 Responses to “Webkinz Baby Penguin Picture”
  1. skweeker1998 (webkinz username) says:


  2. Buy Webkinz says:

    Very Very Cute. Leave it up to webkinz to come up with such a cute plush pet. looking forward to Dec

  3. Buy Webkinz says:

    to cute to be true

  4. gothyeller says:

    steellerly adorable

  5. Amanda says:

    Where can i buy the new penguin?

  6. john says:

    looks likes its crossing its eyes

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