The Webkinz Boston Terrier is an April 2009 Webkinz. You can expect this one to sell out quickly just like all new Webkinz. Check out the picture below.

Webkinz Boston Terrier

3 Responses to “Webkinz Boston Terrier Picture”
  1. Braesha says:

    Hey there everyone who will in the future, read this post! . . .
    I want this webkinz so bad, I can’t wait until it comes out or features in April!
    I also can’t believe I am the first person posting.

  2. Justin says:

    That is so cool because I have a boston terrier and he is cute!Thank you!

  3. megin young says:

    i know!i want it too!i a not sure what it looks like online but if if it is cute i will buy it.i also have a boston terrier.he is phsyco but hey i cant help it!

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