The Webkinz Ferret is a curious, but cute, little rodent. It’s brown fur makes the Ferret a lot of fun to cuddle with. When not cuddling, or sleeping, you can find it munching on a Foot Long Feast or lounging in its Relaxing Longtub. The Ferret will be released in March 2010.

Webkinz Ferret Picture

PSI: Relaxing Longtub
PSF:Foot Long Feast

6 Responses to “Webkinz Ferret”
  1. William Sampson says:

    Actually, ferrets aren’t rodents. They are mustelids (along with skunks, badgers, weasels, etc) and are frickin adorable.

  2. Bismark The Dark says:

    “Actually, ferrets aren’t rodents…” go blow your horn elsewhere you frickin abominable snowgeek

  3. yay says:

    my brother made that :D

  4. lol says:

    this is so cutie :D

  5. MaDdY says:

    it is so cute!!i am geting it i am nameing it rocky.

  6. Darrell Sanders says:

    One Of the Great Webkinz Made. Thanks for making this one.

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