It looks like the Webkinz eStore will be getting a new exclusive pet. The Webkinz Fire Fawn is coming, but I don’t know when.

Here is a picture of the new Webkinz Fire Fawn.

Webkinz Fire Fawn

Webkinz Fire Fawn

5 Responses to “Webkinz Fire Fawn Picture”
  1. Webkinz Luver says:

    awwwwwwwww!its just soooo cute!!!!! i am so gonna get it! u got to to me when its coming out lol

  2. nanad56 says:

    awsome have it andit is cute with glasses on -cooooool have 2 of them

  3. hope says:

    Where can i find a firefawn

  4. Hope says:

    I was looking forward to get the webkinz fire fawn, but I heard that it is not a plush toy. I would love to buy the pluch toy.

    Will it ever come out as a plush toy?

    Please reply

  5. Hope says:

    Me and my frinds were looking so forward to geting the plush toy fire fawn. I would love it so much if you made the plush toy.Plis write back.

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