Soar above the clouds with the Webkinz Pegasus. Ride along with your Pegasus as it wings glimmer in the sunlight and the wind blows through it’s flowing, pink mane. The Webkinz Pegasus just wants tender, love, and care that only a good friend can give it. Welcome Pegasus into your home and shower it with the affection that it needs and deserves.

If you want to make your Webkinz Pegasus really happy then do not forget to buy it’s special item. It loves to relax after a long day of flying on the special Rainbow Cloud Couch. This couch is soft and fluffy and is a great place for your Pegasus to relax and recharge, so it can take off into the clouds once again.

If your Webkinz Pegasus gets hungry be sure to feed it special food. The special Rainbow Souffle is the food of choice for your virtual pet. A good meal is also needed to supply energy to your new friend. How can Pegasus be expected to fly if it does not get it’s favorite food?

The flying Webkinz Pegasus is now officially retired from the Webkinz collection, so the only way to get one is through the Webkinz Toy Store. Be sure to register your virtual pet, so you can enjoy online, as well as offline.

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