Ganz has officially announced that the Webkinz Purple Floral Fox will soon be coming to the Webkinz eStore as an online exclusive pet. I am sure you all remember the first Floral Fox that was released.

Here is a picture of the new pet.

Overall, I am not impressed because it just lacks creativity. I feel they could have come up with something more unique than a different colored Floral Fox. I really hope Ganz starts stepping up their game a little more because Club Penguin is starting to take over.

7 Responses to “Webkinz Purple Floral Fox”
  1. jordan says:

    i want the domino kitty more than this i dont have an estore

  2. Robinh Noalah says:

    I wish they didnt have to buy these pets at the estore!

  3. whitney says:

    wutever club penguin sucks webkinz is much more funner but yeah it would be better if we actually got the floral fox but we dont

  4. lilly (moondapple on webkinz) says:

    never mind lol

  5. lilly (moondapple on webkinz) says:

    lol i don’t go on club penguin but i agree i like webkinz better :D

  6. lilly (moondapple on webkinz) says:

    i was a little upset wen i found out the wolf did’t come in a plush oh well what i’d like is a pallameno hold on i will get the correct spelling of that

  7. lilly (moondapple on webkinz) says:

    here it is i would love to have a palomino horse and if they made one it would be nice if it were in a plush :D

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