The Webkinz Spotted Turtle is one of the new Webkinz coming out in February 2009. Here is a picture of it so you can see what it looks like.

4 Responses to “Webkinz Spotted Turtle Picture”
  1. olivia says:

    Cool! But i like the Irish Setter Webkinz better.

  2. Mason says:

    I am sooooo getting that!!!! Have any other pictures? (What would you name it, anyway?)

  3. Nonna says:

    My granddaughters and I love Webkinz. What a wonderfully creative and caring way to teach children. We have 14 of these charming little “pets” and would like to have more,but, its getting quite expensive? Where can I purchase more pets at a more reasonable price? Thanks

  4. kharina says:

    i love webkinz alot. i have ten, and my cousin has 25 of them!!!!

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