Here is a picture of the recently announced Webkinz White Swan. It will be released in April 2009 along with 3 other new Webkinz. Check it out below.

Webkinz White Swan

3 Responses to “Webkinz White Swan Picture”
  1. Gabby says:

    I love that swan! I looks so cute and cuddly! I have a question though. Are you still going to make a corgi webkinz or was that just a rumor? I was wondering because my family has a corgi named Winston. I was going to name my webkinz corgi Winston after Winston. I did that with my manatee webkinz. I don’t own a manatee, but I adopted one named Doc so I named my webkinz manatee Doc. Well, please answer my question by e-mailing me.

  2. Sheridan says:

    I think the Webkinz white swan is a great pet. I have one of my own it is really fluffy. Webkinz did a really good job on it, it even has webbed feet. And a lot of people have ask me what to name their Webkinz swan and just to give you an idea of a good swan name I will give you my swan’s name my swan’s name is Grace. I have a question too. is there a Grey swan or a white swan because on the tag of the swan it said white swan, doe’s that mean there are more? Answer my question by e-mailing me.

  3. Sheridan says:

    if you liked the review above this one take my webkinz user name sadie7351 is my webkinz user name.

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